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Giving back

-Nora Lina was born with a double dream-

Giving back is our message of support and contribution to the improvement and awareness of diabetes type 1 in children. Our story begins like many others, rather abrupt and without too many warnings. Back in 2016, our daughter Noralina a vibrant and cheerful 8-year-old began experiencing light headaches, stomachaches, and dizziness,  physical symptoms that denoted a hidden health problem. We proceeded to appoint a medical checkup with our GP,  with hopes of a  good outcome, but by the end of the day, we had been notified that our daughter was suffering from diabetes type 1, which is quite unusual in children as young as her.

Diabetes type 1 occurs when very little or no insulin is produced by the pancreas resulting in high blood sugar levels in the body which untreated is the cause of many complications such as heart disease, stroke, kidney failure, foot ulcers and damage to the eyes. After hearing the terrible news, we tried our best to remain positive and calm, but dreadful questions pondered our thoughts, and a feeling of hopelessness was all that remained. The disturbing element was the revelation of its incurability and the multiple health problems that entailed, which took an enormous emotional toll on us. Subsequently, our GP explained to us how to implement and practice essential routines to help detect abnormal blood sugar levels and taught us about the administration of the right dosages of insulin.

It took us a long period to adjust to the current situation, but patiently and steadily, we have reached a solid understanding of the condition and incorporated it into our daily routines. During all these unfortunate circumstances, our daughter Noralina taught us many life lessons, enduring through all her check-ups, insulin shots or the inevitable emergency rush to the hospital without a single objection, she fought through the pain and discomfort with a sparkling smile and her characterizing delightful humor. We were constantly worried about her future prospect, but after witnessing how she adapted to the new lifestyle, we knew our concerns weren't justified, it was obvious her heart was always bursting with strength and courage ready to endure every battle life threw upon her, she is just a little warrior that never surrenders.

We acknowledge the opportunity and fortune we had, by receiving here in the Netherlands direct access to exceptional public healthcare. But acknowledging one's blessings, sometimes is not gratifying enough and we wanted this unique opportunity to help, share and contribute back with other children raised under difficult circumstances or born in underdeveloped countries that don't have access to basic medical care or the proper medicine to avert further correlated health complications. Our purpose is aimed at the donation and contribution of 5 percent revenue of each product we sell. This assistance will fund the medical expenses and care for multiple children that don't have the economic background to pay for their medical treatment. We already have made significant progress in raising awareness and are currently working at the establishment of our own charity foundation strived at this specific subject. We believe a compassionate and kinder world is conceivable if we combine forces and believe a change is possible.

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